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MRGDC | Planning & Operations | Solid Waste Management Planning

A Division of MRGDC Planning and Operations, funded by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (formerly the Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission)

2017 RFP Implementation Project

Solid Waste Calendar of Events

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Michelle Garcia

Solid Waste Coordinator




Planning & Operations Coordinator





Planning & Operations Director




Services Delivered

  • Regional Solid Waste Planning
  • Community Solid Waste Technical Assistance
  • Recycling program Design
  • Composting Program Design and Materials
  • Handle the Solid Waste Grant Applications for the Region
  • Maintaining a regional information resource center
  • Illegal dumping information and program

Resource Center

  • Recycling presentations within the Region
  • Landfill Information
  • Hazardous Waste
  • General Environment
  • Demographics and Maps Available
  • Films and Audio Available on Recycling, Composting and Landfills
  • Solid Waste Management Plans – Council of Governments
  • Statues and Regulations – Federal and State
  • Newsletters, Magazines, Catalogs, Directories
  • Conferences, Trainings
  • Solid Waste Regional Landfill Study Available

Municipal Solid Waste

The focus of the MRGDC waste management efforts over the last seven years has been to help our local governments and communities respond to the changing regulatory environment surrounding federal and state waste management policy.

Uncertainties about certain issues have placed local communities virtually in the dark when making decisions about their own local waste disposal and management options. The MRGDC waste management program staff has sought to help pierce that darkness for them.

All efforts are aimed at helping local communities comply with the changing requirements of state and federal policies. Without the regional program, and the regional allocation of state fee resources that supports it, few of these things would have been possible. In this regional allocations scheme, which the MRGDC helped establish through its intergovernmental relations effort, this region receives more resources in its allocation that it remits in fees to the state, making us net winners on a statewide basis.

As events and regulatory regimes continue to mature, driving up disposal and waste management costs even further, the region as a whole will at some point have to revisit the idea of a regional scale facility and waste management effort. In the meantime, we plan to continue our efforts to help communities keep as much of our current system as possible in place.

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Pass-Through Projects

FY-14 Grant Funds:

City of Sabinal

Construction of shed to hold recyclables and equipment


Real County

4 Community Collection Events


City of Del Rio

Purchase of Recycling Trailer


Eagle Pass ISD

Purchase of Clear recycling bins and awareness posters for 2 High Schools


City of Encinal

Construction of holding structure for recyclables



FY-15 Grant Funds:

City of Del Rio

Recycling Center Equipment Purchase (Portable Ramp)


City of Crystal


4 City Wide Community Cleanups


City of Carrizo Springs

Renovation and electrical set up

Purchase of educational and outreach items


Eagle Pass ISD

Purchase of Clear recycling bins and awareness posters for 2 Junior High Schools


City of Eagle Pass

Mail outs and outreach items


City of Asherton

City Wide Cleanups


City of Encinal

City Wide Cleanups